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San Francisco California’s Bobtailers are the indie-rock duo of brothers Niels and Derek Sorensen. Inspired by the 1960’s garage rock movement and the one hit wonders of the American surf scene, Bobtailers have developed a modern sound of their own, combining psychedelic guitar tones and melodic bass lines. Check out their A/B side Nervous and Americana Sweetheart out now! 

Featured Tracks 

Mrs. Obama, It's Been An Honor - Daylily
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All We Ever Wanted to Be - You are the Weekend
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You are the Weekend

You are the Weekend is the project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Niels Sorensen. His debut song "All We Ever Wanted to Be" was written in collaboration with producer Marcus Simonini of Another One Down! and Ross Miller of the Dirty Nil rocked the bass. The song was inspired by his early punk rock roots and love for heavy music. Song is available on all streaming platforms now.  

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